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Gutters have a much more important function than just keeping the rain from pouring on your head when you leave your home in a thunderstorm. Here’s the reason gutters came into being:

why protect your gutter

Here is a diagram of possible repercussions of ignoring gutters

  • Water Management

    It’s all about water management. The rain that hits your roof is not dispersed like the rain that hits your lawn. On your roof it piles up and is concentrated into a torrent by the time it comes to the edge of your roof. Where does it go from there? Without gutters it goes straight down to your home’s foundation and you do not want super saturated dirt and soil surrounding your home’s foundation because it can lead to cracks.

    Foundation cracks, even when they are minor, can cause catastrophic structural damage. When this happens, a gutter repair company is necessary to repair the cracks or even worse damage will occur, sometimes very quickly. The minimum cost for foundation repair is around $10,000 and the average is over $25,000. So having a headache of this magnitude is something most homeowners should try to avoid altogether.

  • Behind the gutter is the roof

    If this is not enough reason to manage the torrent of water concentrated at the edge of your roof, consider the damage that occurs to the home’s facia. Facia is the wood band just at the roof’s edge.

    Without a proper gutter system, the facia curves around and under the leading edge of the shingles, creating severe wood rot and related headaches.

  • Why Gutters?

    So this, ladies and gentlemen, is the case for “why gutters?”

    The gutter captures the downpour and re-routes it safely away from both your foundation and facia.
    With the current housing market decline, potential homebuyers consider every advantage a home has to offer. The perk of not having to clean or pay someone to clean the gutters is, in many situations the tipping point to close the deal. Something as seemingly insignificant as gutter covers demonstrate the caring and diligent character of the homeowner and his attitude about maintenance. Overall, gutter-covers will improve the value of any home and may end up paying for themselves repeatedly by avoiding the cost of paying someone to clean the gutters multiple times per year, not to mention eliminating the liability risk of someone falling off of your roof.

    Not all gutter systems are created the same or work efficiently.
    Some clog easily and create problems as bad or worse than having no gutters at all.

    Thus we present to you this discussion and review of gutter covers and gutter protection.

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