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MicromesNCR REPORTh Gutter Covers Report

Stereoscopic Microscopy Examination and Analysis of Micromesh Gutter Covers

  • Introduction

    This study was conducted by NC Review – Carolinas News Network – in February of 2013

    The purpose of this study was to examine the function, product flaw and structural integrity of micromesh screens that have been subjected to intensified and accelerated environmental conditions for a duration of over 24 months, which represents gutter cover usage for a duration of approximately 3-5 years*.

  • Products Analyzed in Report

    • Gutter Dome

    • Gutterglove Pro

    • Gutterglove Ultra

    • Leaf Blaster (made by Gutterglove)

    • Master Shield

    • Leaf Solution

  • Contents

    • i.Copyright , Reproduction & License Notice

    • ii.Equipment Used

    • iii.Preparation of Samples

    • iv.Samples at 12x magnification

    • v.Samples at 50x magnification

    • vi.Samples at 150x magnification

    • vii.Samples at 200x magnification

    • viii.Overall Analysis

    • ix.Analysis of Gutter Dome

    • x.Analysis of Gutterglove Pro

    • xi.Analysis of Gutterglove Ultra

    • xii.Analysis of Leaf Blaster (made by Gutterglove)

    • xiii.Analysis of Master Shield

    • xiv.Analysis of Leaf Solution

    • xv.Conclusions and Findings

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