Gutter Guard Types

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These types of systems utilize a fine metallic mesh of either 304 SS or 316 SS supported by plastic, aluminum, sheet metal or metal extrusions. Support configuration, wire diameter and mesh size and quality are contributing factors to the efficiency of these units.

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Reverse Curve, Waterfall Type

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This system is made from re-cycled plastic and has one, two or three parallel slots relying on surface tension for its effectiveness.


Metal Reverse Curve

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This system has been around the longest dating back to 1908. It uses a rounded nose sheet metal panel positioned over the gutter usually held in place with plastic brackets or small metal clips depending on the diameter of the curve.

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Slit/Hole Gutter Covers

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These are usually constructed of re-cycled plastic containing thin parallel slits in the same configuration as the plastic reverse curve type. They usually are fitted to the inside of the gutter lip.


Metal Screens

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This is the most common type of gutter protection. It consists of expanded metal similar to chicken wire, only coarser. It usually comes in aluminum, but galvanized steel is still available.

Plastic Screens

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This type of screen uses different hole configurations and sizes. Round, diamond shaped, triangular and square are often seen in this group. Some have a synthetic mesh covering the holes.

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Sponge / Pipe Cleaner

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This is not a cover, but an insert that is placed into the gutter. It comes in different densities including one that is in the shape of a huge pipe cleaner.



  1. Charles Brush PE  October 10, 2010

    Question – How can you use heater cable with a gutter guard system that is plastic. I have been asked to look at existing installations that had significant ice building up last winter (2009/2010)? It appears that the cable may damage the plastic and there is the question of where to install the cable – below or above and / or in contact with the plastic.


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  2. Dave Stephan  December 9, 2010

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  3. NCR  December 9, 2010


    Although we have not tested the Rain-Filter system just yet, the pipe cleaner/ foam type systems tend to be the worst preforming. Moreover the manufacture states “If you replace or clean your roof, you also must protect the gutter area from roof grit or any cleaning chemicals.” From our previous experiments we know that shingle grit falls from the shingles just about on a daily basis and rain has a low ph level (“acid rain”), so would you have to get protection for the gutter protection – to counter the rain and shingle grit that occurs naturally?

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  4. Chris H  December 27, 2010

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  5. bmwrider2003  January 17, 2011

    Avoid the pipe cleaner/foam type…I did my house in Flo-Free material, which is pretty spendy. In a recent snowstorm (unusual for North Ga) the material was pulled out of the gutter by the snow. Makes it kinda useless. The company’s response to a call was that on metal roofs, “ice cleats” are a necessity. In this case, the ice cleats would not have helped- the snow thawed, and refroze, trapping the material and tearing it out. I’ll use something else next time.

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  6. Donald Chiavetta  February 22, 2011

    I have recenly had new rain gutters instlled on my home. I am now reseaching what would be the best leaf guards to install.

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  7. Jim  February 28, 2011

    Consumer Report Magazine did an article on gutter protection last year. After a 16 month comparison throughout the nation, they found that Leaffilter was #1. I have it on my home, and have had no problems!

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  8. bill  March 11, 2011

    thats what i figured dont post my comment because this is a pais site, yall dont want people to know WATERLOOV is way better than all these products

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    • Tom Tusing  March 22, 2012

      Your website says Waterloov is #1 in America? who rated this system? what keeps pine needles or shingle grit out of the gutters? I was looking at your pictures and as high as your system looks it’s an eye sore from the street. What type of screens are you refering to that wind will dislodge them or animals will pull them out? Just to be an honest person I Install Gutter Glove and I’d hate to see the animal that would be able to pull the screen out you might be talking about those cheap plastic screen systems more so like you would buy at Lowes or such. All you really have is a reverse curve system with slits in it since we all know those dont work in heavy rain you might have a system that just might take up more water than lets say Gutter helment or those types but remember we dont put holes in our roofs because we know thing will enter a hole.

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  9. Dave Bath  March 30, 2011

    NC Review, This is a insert product that goes in the bottom of the gutter. I made this out of aluminum since thats what most gutters are. In the last two years in mid Michigan, I have this in over a dozen homes with various leaf types and pine needles. Not one clogged gutter/downspout. I have even had personal experience on 3 of my properties that there has been no ice damming (on gutters that use to freeze up). This product allows the water to drain even if the gutters are full of material. I am now producing it in black for higher temps. By doing this it is making a oven in the gutter to bake whats there which allows the leaves to be blown away by mother nature. I would like you to test it yourself so u can report on it. I know the other two types of inserts have their downfalls. Another plus is that I can interlock and slide this product in from one ladder location cutting down the multiple ladder moving that all the other products need. thanks and God Bless

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    • Lo  January 24, 2012

      If you are having problems with ice damming, then you need to check your attic insulation and ventilation. Ice damming is caused by the warm air from inside your home raising and not having the proper amount of attic insulation to keep it in. So, it melts the snow and ice on your roof and then it refreezes on your gutters.

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    • Michelle  March 20, 2012

      Hi, I am attempting to find a gutter guard for 3 properties. I can sympathize with your pine needle issue. I have a similar problem but with oak trees. I refuse to pay an astronomical amount for some of these guards….and most will not do the job they are designed to do…or at least what I need them to do.
      I just put new roofs on all 3 properties.
      Any suggestions would be GREAT!
      TKS, Michelle, NW Ohio

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      • Ryan  March 26, 2012

        My name is Ryan and I am a representative for Raindrop Gutter Guard and I just wanted to ask you to take a look at our product and include it in your options for gutter protection. Raindrop is a durable and resilient polypropylene material with UV stabilizers that can stand up to the elements and handle all of the water mother nature can dish out. I too am sick and tired of all of the gimmicks in the gutter guard industry and ask only for you to look into Raindrop. If you have any questions you can talk to me personally at (800)816-0199 ext 104. I hope to hear from you soon.

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  10. Sebesta  October 10, 2011

    good day i found your page today and I have read some great articles over here. I just wanna thanks you for sharing

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  11. marybeth  October 13, 2011

    Sorry Jim, I also had the Leaf Filter installed on my house in the winter of 2009. I live on 5 acres of pine trees. So I thought this would take care of the pine needles. IT DID NOT! The pine needles do not blow away because it is too cold and wet all winter. I live in the Olympia, Washington area.

    I called the company because the system did not work on my house. So they sent out someone to look at them. The day he arrived, we had a cold spell and everything was frozen. So he took pictures. He said he would talk to his boss. I told him I wanted them taken off and I wanted a refund because they did not work. Never heard from them.

    So I called them again. They told me that they only guarantee that the gutters will not clog. They do not clog, now they do not work at all. Now all the water just runs over them. So now I have to have them taken off so my gutters will work again. I am now trying to figure out what to use that might work better.

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  12. J.D. Sterling  March 16, 2012

    Thanks to the gutter protection products reviews, I just remodeled my home with all the top of the line high end products. When it came to selecting my gutter guards, helped me select the right products for my home. I was looking for quality gutter guards that would weather any storm and I found all the right options on this site. This site was a tremendous help to me and my contractor. The reviews and feedback of real life applications are priceless. I will definitely recommend to everyone looking to upgrade their gutter system and new home builders.

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  13. Jose Fernandez  March 18, 2012

    This site has been a been a huge help to me and my company when it comes to gutter protection products for me and my clients. This site has really opened my eyes to the world of gutter protection products. I can present gutter protection products with confidence and I can also used some the real world applications presented on the site as examples. Many people don’t realize how important gutter protection is to maintaining the livelihood of a house; this site helps everyone see the “light.”

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  14. Linda  April 17, 2012

    A word to the wise for all. No matter what you choose as your gutter guard. Be there when they are installed. I hired a contractor, told him I wanted the ones he had in the photo with the full cover on it…NO HOLES except where the water drains into the gutter at the edge. I specifically told him I DID NOT WANT THE MESHY STUFF THAT BUCKLES AND BLOWS AWAY. Well, since I had to work that day and I was not watching them like a hawk, they installed that MESH STUFF anyway not what I ordered. The bad thing is I could not see what was inside the gutters from the ground or from the windows…so I had no idea. It was not until this past weekend (mid April) that I found a piece of jagged mesh with one finished edge on it laying in my front yard. I discovered that it was a piece of the new gutter guard system I had installed along with the new gutters just before winter. So this junky system did not even make it through one full year. When I looked up, I could see the other parts of it lifting along the roof line of my front porch. Botom line….had this one piece not been dislodged, I would have NEVER KNOWN until it was way too late that this contractor had ripped me off with some sub standard guard when his estimate had a sticker on it that said they use GORILLA brand Guards. I called him and expect him this week. I will settle for nothing less than the guards I wanted or a full refund for the junk he installed. If he does not make it right, since I am giving him this opportunity, I WILL SEE HIM IN COURT along with the jagged and properly “cut corner” from the junk he installed! Linda R

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