Manufacturer: Gutterglove Gutter Size Compatibility: 2″ to 7.5″
Material: Anodized Aluminum & 304 Stainless Steel Fits Roof Types: ALL
Style/Type: Micro Mesh Certified Dealer Network: No
Installation: Pro Install Warranty: 25 year limited

Gutterglove was founded in early 2000 by a tree trimmer named Robert Lenney and his partner John. The company has seen its share of up and downs – Gutterglove got it design inspiration from combining competitor’s Leafilter and Mastershield products while using an aluminum base frame. It was reviewed by consumer reports in 2010 (as a DIY project). Mostly made in China.


Gutterglove Pro Ratings & Reviews from our Testing:

Value 3/5
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We have found that even though this is positioned in the higher priced market, it is a fair price for the quality product that it is. Several systems that are more fragile can cost as much as 35% more than GutterGlove. Comparing the strong and durable extruded aluminum support with the higher alloyed 316 SS micromesh to cheap plastics and flimsy sheet metal product makes our choice clear. 2012 Update: GutterGlove higher price is in part due to the complexity of installation (custom end caps and components such as fingers in-between panels needed to mount the product.) therefore the pricing estimate and marks have risen.

Protection Coefficient 4/5
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One of the key features of this gutter protection system is its ability to keep particulates out of the gutter and stop clogging of the downspout. Anything 8 microns or larger cannot penetrate the 316 SS micromesh. With the custom made end caps, nothing can get into your gutter to cause clogging. 2012 Update: after subjecting the product to accelerated weathering we have found that various organic growth can occur within the mesh – moreover very tiny shingle grit can lodge itself within the mesh causing partial clogging.

Industry Reputation 2/5
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Differences between established companies and smaller contractors have led to some complaints. Make sure that your contractor has been installing GutterGlove on a regular basis and is well trained and certified. With a rapid expansion of dealerships in 2011 Gutterglove has lost the edge on industry reputation (with some registered BBB marks)

Strength 4/5
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GutterGlove is, by far, the second strongest system in the marketplace. The extrusion of extruded and anodized aluminum is almost an eighth of an inch thick. It can be placed on its end and one can drive a car over it without it buckling. The 316 SS wire in the micromesh is 0.005” in diameter making it one of the sturdiest meshes in the industry. GutterGlove even thought of using a low carbon grade of 316 SS to maintain its malleability after the weaving process. This prevents limbs and other debris from penetrating the resilient micromesh. 2012 Update: After conducting the drop test some of the micromesh came out out of the support frame – so although the induvidual components of this system are durable, having the mesh rip out compromises its overall strength.

Water Throughput 3/5
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The second most important feature of GutterGlove is its ability to take in so much water. It will handle well over 200” of rain per hour off of your roof. This is better described in comparison to the local TV station meteorologist. GutterGlove will handle 9.6” of metered rain per hour. This is more rain, in one -hour, than has ever been recorded in the Mid-Atlantic States, even during severe hurricanes. 2012 Update: As clogging can occur on the ultra thin gutterglove mesh with organic matter, ultra fine shingle grit and various oils (leached from the roof) and sap – the water throughput can be compromised. therefore this rating was dropped.

Durability 4/5
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GutterGlove is nearly indestructible. It should outlast the home, itself. The combination of extruded and anodized aluminum eliminates any chance of bowing or basketing. The anodization protects against a galvanic reaction between it and stainless steel and/or copper.



Gutterglove Pro Overall Rating and Review



GutterGlove Pro is an okay product, functions well on lower slope roofs with medium rainfall, avoid snow and ice applications. Priced on the high end of the spectrum.

A gutter cover’s performance and function are only as good as the installer that installs it – Due to overwhelming request, we have listed NCR verified dealers and installers; they were recommended by our readers, verified by us and have a one strike policy ( if we receive one complaint they are removed ). We hope that you will find this service useful and always eager to hear about your feedback.



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