Manufacturer: GutterDome, Inc. Gutter Size Compatibility: 2″ to 7.5″
Material: Anodized Aluminum& Stainless Steel Fits Roof Types: ALL
Style/Type: Micro Mesh Certified Dealer Network: Yes
Installation: Pro Install & DIY Warranty: Yes

GutterDome, Inc. was launched 2010 in California. The company was founded by many X employees of GutterGlove ( a competing micromesh cover company) – from our interview; the general consensus for the split off and formation of GutterDome was the creation of an organization that focused on a much more cost effective and robust product design ( to that of GutterGlove Ultra Line) as well as dealer network that is committed to fair consumer practices. GutterDome is venture capital funded with a focus on efficient business practices, fiscal oversight and lean manufacturing. GutterDome was awarded United States Patent No. 8,495,837


GutterDome Ratings & Reviews from our Testing:

Price w/ Installation $$$
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We have found that GutterDome is one of the most cost effective systems, with pricing among the lowest among the micro-mesh category.
Protection Coefficient 5/5
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Our exhaustive testing has proven that the Gutter Dome system, with its larger hole size (1,600 holes per square inch) greatly reduces the possibility of clogging. Pollen is allowed to penetrate through the mesh while keeping out roof grit, leaves and catkins. Gutter Dome’s “Next Generation” engineering has developed a system which is stronger, offers better water throughput and minimizes any clogging.

Industry Reputation 4/5
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Gutter Dome is a breakaway company which has re-engineered a system that was developed over ten years ago and that has had significant success (Gutterglove – until now our top rated recommendation). It can be said that they have over 12 years of experience in gutter protection design, improving a system’s flaws and creating a “better mouse trap”. From or investigation they gather suggestions from experienced dealers and homeowners and modify the product to be as best as it could be- While the methodology of other product manufacturers seems to be ” we go this product, good or not let’s sell as much as we can”. GutterDome being a new break-through technology is developing a very strong and positive reputation.
Strength 5/5
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This is an area where Gutter Dome has excelled. The two, three and five pound weights dropped from equal heights on all samples tested, caused only a minor dent in the five pound weight test with Gutter Dome. All other systems generally incurred severe damage (with many of similar products seemed to have a problem with the mesh falling off following the drop test). Gutter Dome uses a high strength 6063 grade of aluminum and .010” diameter surgical grade stainless steel in a 1,600 hole per square inch engineered mesh and it seemed to do the trick for it’s incredible strength.

Water Throughput 5/5
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Gutter Dome engineered a system utilizing a different hole configuration to create a siphoning effect through their mesh. The contour of the extruded aluminum frame (the Dome) acts as a gentle but effective slowing mechanism allowing most of a heavy rain downpour to be captured in the first of four large channels. An innovatively machined pattern of hole openings in the extruded aluminum support panel allows all the rainwater to penetrate into the gutter without splashing or deflecting. Gutter Dome handles nearly 10 inches of metered rain per hour. We observed this with the UV died water and at 900 frames per second with our high speed camera.
Durability 5/5
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Gutter Dome has proven to be the strongest gutter protection system in the market place today (and this is setting the mark rather high). The screen mesh consisting of surgical grade stainless steel and the extruded/anodized aluminum substrate have gone through exhaustive corrosive test (with nasty things such as sulfuric acid ) with no negative effects. We can most likely say that it will outlast your home.


GutterDome Overall Rating and Review



In our opinion, Gutter Dome is the benchmark for gutter protection excellence and should continue to be for years to come ( It is hard for us to imagine how a better product can be engineered). Moreover it is much more reasonably priced (than most other micro-mesh systems) should guarantee Gutter Dome’s continued success. It is our #1 choice and recommendation in gutter protection for 2012 – 2014.


For over 7 years we have been reviewing gutter guards and publishing the results. From the first days of publishing and reporting on the gutter guard industry we have received requests for referrals or complaints about contractors who install a particular type of gutter cover.

Although our primarily mission is and remains to provide the best reviews and reporting for gutter covers, we realize that a gutter cover – no matter how perfectly engineered, works only as good as it is installed..

Over the years we have tried a number of ways to provide referrals for good contractors and installers while finding ways to warn our readers of the bad ones. After many years of trial and error we have found that the NCR verified program works the best, it provides an incentive for good contractors to stay good and weeds out the bad ones.


Here is who the NCR Community has verified so far


FAQ about NCR Verified Installers
  • Why do you have so few NCR verified installers and contractors?

    What you see is the contractors who have underwent our communities most through review and have not had a single complaint over the years they have been listed here, although we would love to see multiple installers in all the states – the reality is we just have not found any that can meet our community’s standards, if you would like to recommend one, please contact us.

  • What to do if I do not have an installer/contractor in my state?

    You can certainly try your luck at finding one on the search engine, cragslist or the manufacturer’s webpage – however we cannot provide you any assistance if you happen to have a bad experience.

    Alternatively you may want to contact a NCR community verified installer in a nearby state, it may be possible that they may travel to your state and can help supervise the installation or supply you with the product for a guided DIY installation.

  • What if I have an issue with the above installer/contractor?

    If you have an issue with a NCR community verified Installer listed above, please post a comment on that installers/contractors page and contact them with the form we provide on the same page – this will start the resolution process.


Gutterdome logo is a registered trademark of GutterDome ( See Copyright Information


  1. Larry Watson  May 28, 2012

    Do you have a rep/installer in Houston, Texas?

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    • NCR  November 12, 2013

      GutterDome Guard DFW
      NCR Verified in: 2012
      Phone: (972)523-4480

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  2. david hanline  June 18, 2012

    Is this product available in Canada, province Saskatchewan

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  3. Matthew  September 5, 2012


    I install rainwater capture systems and see a whole lot of marketing BS in the gutter industry so I am trying to find an honest cost effective fit for my systems. I’ve had to rip out a 316 SS micromesh system becuase of water loss (30% to 40% at .24 gpm per lineral ft of gutter filter). So I am looking for a replacement but this time I will rely on test data, either my own or the manufacturers. I can test with a sample 2 ft. section or you can share with me your test results. The site quotes “Gutter Dome handles nearly 10 inches of metered rain per hour. We observed this with the UV died water and at 900 frames per second with our high speed camera.” Assuming 15 sqft of roof exposure per linear foot of guard, that is 1.55 gpm/ft of guard. Is this the absorbion rate you are quoting? What is the % water loss from spill-over tension accross the screen? Is the guard level or at roof pitch under the test? If you would give me an idea of the wire size (e.g. Mesh Per Inch: 14, Wire Diameter:0.0090″), then I could calcualte the expected rate of absorbsion installed at various roof pitches.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards,

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 8 Thumb down 0

    • NCR  October 2, 2013


      The % water loss from spill-over tension accross the screen is minimal at less than 1% . We actually did an in-depth study of micro-mesh covers available at: Industry Research Reports | NCR Shop

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  4. Joe  September 14, 2012

    I’d also like a fair response around the organic growth with the micro-mesh. According to the 2012 updates, BOTH the GutterGlove Pro and Ultra ended up having organic growth within the mesh. I would imagine the exact same would happen with this system over time as well. Please indicate if you’ve seen this and/or if you haven’t run it through the same period of time. I suspect once organic growth begins, over time all these micro mesh systems will eventually clog substantially.

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    • Greg  September 18, 2012

      You are correct, they also clog because of mud coming off the roof.

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      • NCR  September 24, 2012


        To you earlier comments regarding the testing questions , we have decided to remove them from this page as they deal with our testing methodology – please re-post them on our testing methodology page, when it is launched.

        Furthermore we have decided that from now forward, we will no longer allow you to use our comment section as any sort of an advertisement for your products, as we feel that it adds no value to our readers. Any comments that mention your product should be published to :
        Gorilla Gutter Guard Review

        We will no longer tolerate trolling!

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    • NCR  September 24, 2012


      You are certainty correct that the micro mesh systems may be susceptible to organic growth and potential clogging, after testing for over two years in accelerated conditions, we observed very little buildup on the micro mesh products – GutterDome seemed to be the best performer in that regard as the mesh hole size was among the largest in the micro mesh category and it seemed that any growth (as well as shingle grit, sand and clay/mud ) would flush through quite quickly and did not pose a blockage.

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

      • Greg  November 13, 2013

        The mud does not flush through. It sits in the gutter
        I have real life photos, do you?
        You are not bring honest with people regarding this. Not good
        Why don’t you deal with the truth?

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        • Josh  January 24, 2014

          Greg, have you checked the pitch of your gutters? If you have mud sitting in the gutters, perhaps your gutters need to be pitched properly to allow the water to flow out of them.

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          • Greg  January 25, 2014

            Gutters were sloped properly. With micro screen the water was shooting over because it clogged
            The slow drip mud just drops into the gutter.
            Once a microscreen clogs there is no longer the force of water or the amount
            Of water to drain becauae it just drips over the edge of the gutter like there were never gutters at all.
            . This the mud sits inside the the gutter. This is why the homeowner ripped off the Microscreen
            We replaced it with the Gorilla Gutter Guard with our auto clean feature.
            Homeowner was scammed by salesperson with there bs warranty
            That covers gutters from clogging. Well that will never happen because
            The micro screen clogs!!!!
            Gorilla Gutter Guard actually solves this problem and all the other problems that are cayaed
            By micro screen and surface tension products.

            See the only gutter guard on the market that handles the most water flow and can be maintainted from tne ground

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  5. jerry  December 26, 2013

    how does this product deal with ice dams forming on a roof and spilling off into the gutter. just built a house and am having a problem with ice dams forming on my garage roof , into a valley and the gutters causing leaking inside the garage. i was thinking of adding guard covers as part of a prevention along with using a roof rake. will this product be a plus in this situation?

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  6. Sci Bogner  February 14, 2014

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  7. Adrian Russ  May 1, 2014

    Is there an actual installer for the long island ny area? the NY installer listed is actually in new jersey. Thanks

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  8. Don Anthony  June 5, 2014

    You stated pro install as well as DIY. Where can I purchase GutterDome for a DIY install?

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  9. Chanel D'Oro Bianco Pelle Totes  June 9, 2014

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