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Price w/ Installation (3/5)

The price tends to fluctuate rather significantly.  Again, it depends on the aggressiveness of the commissioned sales representative.

Effective Protection Coefficient (2/5)

When the screen mesh detaches and hangs out, debris invades.  Biggest problem with this system is detachment of the mesh screens.

Industry Reputation (3/5)

There are an abundance of complaints.  The number one complaint is the screen mesh popping out of the re-cycled plastic frame.  Also, there are complaints of the vendors not responding to customer complaints.

Strength (2/5)

The plastic support of the mesh screen will be attacked by UV rays and buckle or warp.  This adds to the screens coming loose.

Water Throughput (2/5)

These are usually installed in a flat orientation causing debris buildup and over-shooting of rain.  Installation procedures vary drastically from vendor to vendor.

Durability (2/5)

Warping and buckling plastic is the major problem.  This causes the screen mesh to come loose.  Some installers slip the mesh in after the plastic holder is in place.  They then will caulk the screen in place.

Overall (2.0/5.0)

Quality of the product is very much less than the price you pay.  This system does not seem to hold up for more than three years.  Sunlight (UV rays) and debris cause major problems.

We currently do not have NCR verified installers/dealers for the LeafFilter product.

If you wish to be considered for NCR verified installer/dealer status – please contacts us.

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  1. Arvanitis  August 17, 2010

    I like this site. Very practical and very inspirational. Thanks a ton. It’ll help me a lot.

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  2. Pat  September 30, 2010

    Thanks so very much for your reviews. You saved me money! An arrogant salesman came today to show me their LeafFilter system. He was so arrogant and rude that I didn’t want to buy from him but his product did seem good. He said they have a lifetime, transferable money back warranty. With so many complaints I think that warranty must not be for much. There has to be some loophole.

    So far I haven’t found on your website where you rank the top products to choose from. I’ll keep looking.


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    • james  September 29, 2011

      I have leaffilter. And in my experience with leaffilter north their warranty is not worth the paper its printed on. A video of the product on my house. You be the judge.

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      • ranchhand  July 12, 2013

        Your hyperlink doesn’t work, so your comments can’t be verified.

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      • tom  September 13, 2013

        James what happened to your video I was interested in seeing it

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  3. NCR  October 1, 2010

    We are happy that we cold help you out.

    At this time we have rated the Gutterglove system as the best overall gutter guard you can see the review here:

    Gutterglove Review

    We have as well a network of quality installers we have hand picked as the best of the best, you can find one near you here:

    Gutterglove NCR Verified Installers

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  4. Jim  February 28, 2011

    I have had leaffilter on my home for the last 4 years. It was the best purchase that I’ve ever made! The leaffilter on my home looks nothing like your example. I’ve had no problems whatsoever! I love it!

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  5. Colleen  July 22, 2011

    Hi. I used to work for LeafFilter. I know that if Matt, the CEO, heard about your experience with our estimator, Pat, he would be looking into that problem and letting that estimator go. He probably already has. I can tell everyone right now that while, yes, there were people calling in to complain about the system, we also had more customers calling in to thank us and tell us what a great product we have and that our estimators and installers were very helpful and knowledgeable, than we did the ones calling to complain. They also have sent in pictures, when our installers go to install a replacement system for the one that isnt working, and how those other systems fail to do the job correctly and how they tear up roofing and that whole roofs have had to be replaced (when I say whole roofs, I mean everything right down to the wooden surface of the roof on the frame of said house). Also, Consumer’s Report lists the company as being number one in overall customer satisfaction.
    My parents had the system installed about 7 years ago and it is holding up great and is working very, very well.
    Just putting that out there. Thanks!!!

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    • Kathy Neighbors  October 16, 2012

      Colleen, our issue is with Leaffilter of Alabama–arrogant owner, incompetent workmanship and will not give us a warranty. We have a leak between the gutter and the fascia on one section of our porch, but can’t seem to get a resolution! He also installed vinyl soffits/fascia and freeze board—OMG! In BBB for arbitration right now, but don’t see a resolution! Need some contact info–CEO–can you help?

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    • Lynn  June 21, 2013

      Can you tell me how to get in touch with the CEO, Matt? I have just been literally yelled at by an installation manager when I called to ask a question so I would like to discuss his unprofessional behavior with Matt! When I requested contact information to seek resolution to my problem, he refused to tell me how I could contact the corporate office. Thanks very much for your help.

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  6. sal Van Der Poel  September 4, 2011

    being a consumer with 1 main address and a summer home
    along with 11 rental properties 3 in the northeast and 7 in florida along with i in the great lakes region i need to have a zero exterior maintenance factor we have tried the glove and due to salt air and mixed metal factors we had to have gutter come out and remove the systems on 8 properties they only returned a portion of the cost . we have leaf filter now i will uodate you if needed price was fair and i took advantage of the pre spring special plus repeat customer deal .

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    • tom  September 13, 2013

      How do you like working for leaf- Filter?

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    • Tom  November 6, 2013

      I have Installed many homes with Gutterglove and the salt will not effect the product, But if that’s the case both screens would be the same out come. If you have had that much problems i’m sure you have photos right? maybe you could post them so we can see.

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      • Greg  November 12, 2013

        Why don’t you talk about all the mud that goes through all micro screens.
        This mud sits at the bottom of gutters .
        Insect food. No way to flush out gutters without removing your micro screen product.
        I do have photos. Mr. Tom
        Why don’t you show your photos of a job with heavy debris areas where you have taken off the gutter guards after about 2 years? Mud! Mud! Mud!
        Insect food. Insects get in through your overlaps and endcaps

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  7. Ed  September 11, 2011

    I purchased Leaffilter for my home after seeing it at a trade show. The salesman made many promises that the company refuses to backup. During the install, the installers seemed more in a rush to leave then to do a good job. They did not make an attempt to clean the already clogged downspouts (per the contract) until I asked them. (they just tapped on the outside of the downspouts expecting that to clean them) I asked them to use a water hose and then they cleaned three of the downspouts leaving the forth one clogged. I have called numerous times to have a service person come clean it and have not received a call back. The salesman departed the company a week or so after my install. Also during the install, they left one of my downspouts disconnected (until I pointed it out) and left parts around my yard. (screws and a 5 ft section of the filter) After the price I paid, I would have expected MUCH better customer service. I would NEVER purchase the product again from the North Carolina office of Leaffilter. I have since cleaned the downspout myself.

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  8. Blake G.  September 18, 2011

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  9. Freddy  September 10, 2012

    Would appreciate Jim or Colleen contacting me via this site. Had to postpone Leaf Filter install twice because of weather and now have install scheduled in two weeks. After reading all these comments, I’m thinking of doing nothing until a better product (or at least more reputable company and warranty) comes along. Leaf Filter quote was about $20 linear foot and that’s after rep made his normal deal of the day concessions. Hate it when they don’t just give you lowest price to start off and then take it or leave it. REALLY TIRED OF DEALING WITH CLOGGING GUTTERS HERE IN NJ. ISN’T THERE SOMEONE OUT THERE WHO CAN TELL ME THEY’RE 100% (EVEN 95% WILL DO) SATISFIED SO I CAN GET THIS DONE BEFORE THE FALL LEAVES STSRT COMING DOWN.

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    • Greg  September 18, 2012

      Call me at 402-686-4257 for a gutter guard that works and cleans itself from the ground with a built in power washer. NO HIGH PRESSURE LIKE GUTTER GLOVE OR LEAF FILTER. BUY direct at only. $1.50 per foot

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  10. joey  December 17, 2012

    Also, with every purchase the gutter protection fairy brings you a dollar. read it on the internet. must be true!

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  11. Rick  January 14, 2013

    Dear Sirs:

    A LeafFilter representative alleged during a sales demonstration of the LeafFilter system at my home, that Gutter Dome and NCR Consumer Advocacy Group were affiliated which was why you recommend Gutter Dome as your top pick for gutter covers, especially as they pertain to the micro mesh product (which I prefer). Can you assure me honestly and w/o equivocation that you are not affiliated in any way with Gutter Dome and that you continue to recommend Gutter Dome as the best choice for a gutter cover system because it is the best, and for no other reason. Please respond to me ASAP as I and considering the installation of a gutter guard system. LeafFilter and Gutter Dome are at this time the leading candidates. However, I note that LeafFilter has a PVC frame, a tighter mesh, and attaches to the gutter both in front and back. The Gutter Dome has a metal frame, a looser mesh, and slips under the shingles in addition to attaching to the front of the gutter. Is it a problem to have the Gutter Dome installed by slipping it under the shingles?

    Your comment on any affiliation with Gutter Dome and your thoughts on the above-referenced differences between LeafFilter and Gutter Dome will be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    • NCR  January 21, 2013


      In the last review cycle we rated GutterGlove as the best product as from the testing that we preformed out of all the products it was the best performer overall, a year later consumer reports agreed with us and published nearly identical findings. Throughout that time we were often accused to be what the representative of Leaffilter now accuses us of, moreover we were served many cease and desist letters from most of the manufacturers that we list, including GutterGlove (rather interesting that they did not like our findings, even the fact that we thought them to be the best product at that time – our legal team served them back the first amendment and we have not changed a word of our reviews). With the 2012 -2013 test cycle we found that the GutterDome product preformed the best and was the most cost effective so we in turn rated it as our recommendation as at this time we see nothing that is better.

      If you got to the main page, you will see a video of all the tests that we preformed on the products that we have listed, now as a video testimonial of a product failing to perform is ultimately a salesman’s worst nightmare because our videos clearly demonstrate flaws in gutter protection systems that the salesmen all too often will conceal from the homeowner.

      From this I would hope that you would see why a salesman for LeafFilter would tell you such a thing, moreover we have gathered some hidden camera footage of salesmen from various gutter protection companies making all sorts of false claims and blatant lies to the homeowner and we plan on releasing them as soon as we get the go ahead from our legal team.

      Now as far as our affiliation with GutterDome and all other gutter products that we have listed in our pages – we do have a relationship with the installers and individual dealers of the products as we do rate and list installers who our readers have recommended to us and only the installers who have passed our verification standards actually make it.

      Bottom line is: above all we serve the interest of homeowners such as yourself, as it is because of you that we have our notable and trustworthy reputation within the industry.

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      • Rick  January 21, 2013


        Thank you for your response. Most helpful. It looks like Gutter Dome will be the one.

        The contractor was less expensive then most of the others and the contractor will be able to use my existing gutters to install the Gutter Dome covers after reinstalling with screw in hangers and angling the gutters so that the water will flow evenly toward and down the downspouts.

        Keep up the good work.


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    • Therese  August 7, 2013

      This is a biased site. Leafilter is made with the same vinyl as your vinyl replacement windows and DOES NOT warp or crack or peel etc….It is NOT made with recyclable plastic like a frisbee. Bottom line on ALL installed gutter protection is this: DO NOT INSTALL ANY THING THAT TOUCHES YOUR ROOF OR SHINGLES!! IT WILL VOID YOUR SHINGLE AND ROOF WARRANTY!! Also you cannot have 2 types of metal working together like Steel and Aluminum! It will corrode. Remember rack and pinion steering?!?! That’s why they don’t use it anymore with steel and aluminum. Also, aluminum is a conductor! NO home improvement product is made out of aluminum anymore because of this. Stay away from these gutter domes and gutter gloves that are made of aluminum and touch your roof.

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      • tom  September 13, 2013

        You must be one of those leaf filter sales people, For one GutterGlove, Gutter Dome, Master Shield will not void your roof Warranty that is one of the many lies Leaf filter tells everyone. Like on Matts Video it says ” There is a tar seal that gets broke by installing any other system. Well if you ask me Matt does not understand roofing, But I will give you some schooling on roofing. When you install asphalt shingles you start off with Felt or a good roofer will use an ice and water barrier and drip edge, Then you install a starter shingle after that you install your first row of shingles and go on up the roof, The Products you claim Gutterglove-Gutter Dome is installed between the felt and the starter row there is no tar there, So please tell me how that will void any warranty? You people are so misleading and if your product was so great it would sell itself and you wouldn’t need to lie about other products to sell your own. The no clog warranty on any gutter screen is not worth anything of course it wont clog none of them will Its impossible for any properly installed Micro screen as mentioned would. The problem is the top the debris shedding capabilities the slight slope leaf filter has really don’t do much some will blow off some wont, that’s the issue homeowners should be looking at. Explain this to me also when I first installed leaf filter they had no pre notched slots to install screws then they went to Three now 7 pre slotted holes to install screws why is that if not to try to prevent warping I’ve been wondering that. That’s enough for now. I’d Love to hear back.

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      • Tom  November 4, 2013

        The Gutters you Installed that crappy Vinyl on is 99% Aluminum also. So if Aluminum is so bad why are you not Installing Vinyl Gutters?

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  12. Kathy  January 22, 2013

    I commented on Leaffilter of Alabama back in September. Here is our current status—BBB arbitration fell through, so now a lawsuit was filed the first of December. The papers were served to the salesman/owner on January 4th. He responded right before his two week deadline, to the effect that he did above industry standard work, that I was satisfied with work at end–just did not want to pay!! Lord, Lord at the web of lies! I was NEVER satisfied and he knew it! Said he had been to house 3 times to try to satisfy–try once and only worked on 1/3 of the front of the house! Never finished it, nor touched issues on my 13×30 shop, yet here 4 hours! And this was before BBB! I will not pay balance til the issues are addressed!! Leaks still prevalent! Wooden shutters now rotting due to water from above! Pieces of non-fastened vent wrap pieces falling off! See him in court
    March 13th!

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    • NCR  January 22, 2013


      The BBB in our view is a rather flawed organization (as if a contractor gets one over on you they just pay BBB and are no longer accountable) However with the many shortfalls of BBB – it is probably the reason that we are so successful, with our rating and certification process for the gutter installers and contractors as our policy and practice is; that if the customer is not satisfied with the work the contractor preformed then the contractor will have the option to provide a full refund or fix the problem within a reasonable time-frame, if the contractor fails to comply we remove them from our directory and the contractor sees an immediate impact financially as we are one of the top referral sources for informed readers.

      Historically contractors who we refereed readers to, have time and time demonstrated above and beyond care in completing the work on-time and pricing products fairly and – at this time have not received any complaints with any of the contractors that we have verified – We have however received much homeowner praise for how well the contractors preformed and the overall satisfaction of the customer – we are working now to incorporate that into a feedback system.

      We truthfully believe that this method of community governance by our readers gets the best results for everyone (much like angies list – however we will never charge a silly fee for information that should be free) Moreover as we provide and show our testing criteria and results very openly, we think that this provides the best way for our readers to make an informed decision for themselves.

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      • Lora  May 13, 2013

        I had Leaf Filter gutter system installled in the fall of 2010 at a cost of over $4000.00. By the spring of 2012, water was running from my roof ACROSS the top of the mesh screen and straight down like Niagra Falls to the landscaping around my house. Even after washing the surface of the mesh, the water still flows right over the top. I contacted the contractor Leaf Filter NW but they were out of business and the new company, Master Sheild, stated that it was not their responsibility because the product was defective and that I would have to contact Leaf Filter directly. I contacted Leaf Filter LLC in Michigan and got no response. In December 2012 I filed a complaint with the BBB of Western Michigan. Leaf Filter, LLC responded and basically told the BBB that it wasn’t their responsibility and to not contact them again. I am now in the process of working with my state’s Attorney General’s Office.

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  13. randki  August 12, 2013

    Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write
    again soon!

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  14. dave jr  October 27, 2013

    my father worked for these losers 3 years as installer their product fails
    the pvc is garbage hot and cold makes screen buckle and twist and the
    company makes installers go back re do for free when product fails if
    they dont go back redo job for free they pull work from installer their
    money grubbing losers that care only about bottom line making money

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