These two systems have taken different approaches to the use of a mesh system for gutter protection.  LeafFilter uses a plastic support structure while MasterShield uses thin sheet metal support.  The plastic support is affected by UV rays and has buckled and warped after a relatively short period of time.  The sheet metal supported MasterShield will bow creating a trough condition.

The methods by which the mesh screens are attached are also different.  MasterShield uses a mechanical crimp and LeafFilter uses silicon caulking.  We have found that in both instances the mesh can dislodge.  This was reported by existing customers.  Both products are inexpensively manufactured, but the prices charged in the retail market are relatively high being between $12 to $20 per linear foot.

LeafFilter’s problems

Buckling and warping of the Leaffilet product

Buckling and warping of the Leaffilet product

Mastersheild product installed

A quote from a LeafFliter customer, “The Leaf Filter manufacturer told me that their product should NOT be installed on a house with a metal roof because the filter cannot keep up with the velocity of the water (I have a 6/12 roof pitch, which is not extreme).  The installer told me that they never knew about this.  The installer also told me that they have had so many complaints about Leaf Filter that they will no longer install it and have chosen not to be the regional Leaf Filter installer.

Our Ratings of  LeafFilter Vs MasterShield

LeafFilter In-depth Review MasterShield In-depth Review

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