MasterShield Gutter Guard – Review and Test Results

Manufacturer: MGP Manufacturing, dba MasterShield Gutter Guards
Gutter Compatibility: All (3.5″ to 10″)
Base Material: Sheet Metal
Mesh Material: 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Heated/Winter option: Yes
Manufactured In: 100% USA
Warranty: Lifetime No Clog – $1,500
Installation Type: Professional Only
NCR Verified Installers: 25 Verified NCR Installers

MasterShield’s creator Alex Higginbotham is considered to be the original inventor and patent holder for much of the ground-breaking technology used today in the micro-mesh gutter guard industry, with patent applications (and subsequent patents issued from those applications) dating back to the late 1990s. 

MasterShield gutter guards are manufactured in the USA by MGP Manufacturing in their Paterson, New Jersey facility.  They source all raw materials for MasterShield from US companies. 

Overall, MasterShield performed very well in the latest round of our tests and, as a result, has earned higher marks in our testing criteria versus prior tests. In this latest round of testing, we took into account sustained performance – for this we performed our usual tests six times and averaged the results. While the first MasterShield tests were average when compared to other micromesh products (and in some instances worse) the tests preceding the first demonstrated much more consistent results and when averaged together. Some of the initial results may have been impacted by oils used in their manufacturing process which take a few rainfalls to wear off the mesh.  

MasterShield is the only gutter guard that we found to have had their installation methodology reviewed by four major roof shingle manufacturers and has posted the letters from those manufacturers on their website.  None of the letters suggested MasterShield’s under-the-shingle installation would void a roof shingle warranty, although MasterShield can also be installed without going under shingles when required.

MasterShield uses a proprietary weave of very fine 316 stainless steel mesh.  It had some spotty performance initially, however once the mesh became saturated, water began to flow unimpeded and prevented grit, sediment, leaves and pine needles from entering the gutter. 

Our tests demonstrated MasterShield to have a unique way of implementing Alex Higginbotham’s patented self-cleaning micro-mesh technology.  It takes advantage of the angle at which the product can be installed (steeper than found in other systems, which one would assume would make debris shedding easier, but filtering water harder) to change the flow of the water from across the filter and through the mesh, allowing the filter to clean itself of roof oils (from composite shingles) over time.

MasterShield Price and Reputation



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 While MasterShield is not the least expensive gutter guard to put on your home, it’s value is at the top.  MasterShield has demonstrated great value on the latest round of tests. Nationwide, the product and installation costs are competitive giving this product more bang for the buck to the consumer. Moreover in our indication of value we took into account the variability of pricing between regions, for this we called installers across different regions and requested budgetary pricing and measured the variability of prices quoted.



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We have looked extensively into the Better Business Bureau complaints that have been levied against select dealers of MasterShield. The dealers that have poor reputations are addressed by the corporate office when they are alerted to poor practices. By and large, most of the Mastershield dealers maintain highly reputable businesses with genuinely positive reviews. This is the main reason that we created the NCR Verified Dealer Network, a place where consumers can go to get the most accurate information and feedback of their local dealers and installers.

Pricing Variability South Mid West
Master Shield Installers +/-20% +/-25% +/-20%
NCR Accredited Installers +/-10% +/-15% +/-10%

Reputation Complaints Resolved Overall
MasterShield Installers 11 8 73%
NCR Accredited Installers 2 2 100%

MasterShield Performance

Protection Coefficient


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Mastershield sports the already proven micro mesh design and uses a smaller mesh that limits particle penetration and clogging of the gutter guard while receiving the water flow and permitting the debris, leaves, pine needles and grit to continue over the gutter. It may take a few rains for Mastershield to catch all of the throughput, but once broken in, it is an excellent product.



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MasterShield uses a good quality metals and high quality stainless steel giving it strength and durability. It maintained its integrity through the testing and has proven a reliable and lasting gutter protection product. The spring like properties of the Mastershield provide excellent protection against gutter damage as well. MasterShield’s body was able to spring back from our 8-pound weight landing on it without any damage to the performance of the guard.   This is the first sheet metal gutter cover to show us it does not need to be thick to have strength. 

Water Throughput


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Water throughput has tested well (after a “break in period” ) showing no overflow during testing of the MasterShield product. The design easily accommodates high volume flow on the straight lengths of the product and properly installing Mastershield in the corner joints does a decent job of addressing inside corner water flow.



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MasterShield demonstrated that the product can withstand blunt force without damaging the gutter guard and continue to maintain good water throughput without overflow, protecting your fascias and soffits. The spring like qualities of the Mastershield product provide an additional layer of protection for the gutter in the case of blunt force.

  • Protection Coefficient
  • Strength
  • Water Throughput
  • Durability


Master Shield Overall Rating


Overall Master Shield is our top choice as an effective gutter protection product for 2017. We have found it to be especially effective in areas with higher concentrations of pine needles.

Industry Reputation
Protection Coefficient
Water Throughput

For over 7 years we have been reviewing gutter guards and publishing the results. From the first days of publishing and reporting on the gutter guard industry we have received requests for referrals or complaints about contractors who install a particular type of gutter cover.

Although our primarily mission is and remains to provide the best reviews and reporting for gutter covers, we realize that a gutter cover – no matter how perfectly engineered, works only as good as it is installed..

Over the years we have tried a number of ways to provide referrals for good contractors and installers while finding ways to warn our readers of the bad ones. After many years of trial and error we have found that the NCR verified program works the best, it provides an incentive for good contractors to stay good and weeds out the bad ones.

Here is who the NCR Community has verified so far

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Master Shield

FAQ about NCR Verified Installers

  • Why do you have so few NCR verified installers and contractors?
    What you see are the contractors who have undergone our community’s most thorough review and have not had a single complaint over the years they have been listed here, although we would love to see multiple installers in all the states – the reality is we just have not found so few that can meet our community’s standards, if you would like to recommend one, please contact us.
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    You can certainly try your luck at finding one on the search engine, cragslist or the manufacturer’s webpage – however we cannot provide you any assistance if you happen to have a bad experience.


    Alternatively you may want to contact a NCR community verified installer in a nearby state, it may be possible that they may travel to your state and can help supervise the installation or supply you with the product for a guided DIY installation.

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