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MasterShield Product Details Overview
Manufacturer: MasterShield Gutter Size Compatibility: 2" to 7.5"
Material: Aluminum Fits Roof Types: ALL
Style/Type: Micro Mesh Certified Dealer Network: Limited
Installation: Pro Install Warranty: Limited

Our Ratings

Price w/ Installation $$$

We have discovered prices over a wide range. It appears that price is somewhat at the discretion of the commissioned sales representative.

Protection Coefficient 3/5

Initially this system seems to prevent most debris from entering the gutter. We have spoken to several customers who have had it on their homes more than three years and some separation has occurred.

Industry Reputation 2/5

Many complaints have been registered with the Better Business Bureau in the Mid-West. It is a combination of installation practices and performance.

Strength 3/5

One of the big drawbacks to this product is that the 0.017” thick sheet metal aluminum is rather flimsy. If you are planning to move within two years, this might work for you, but it will tend to basket or bow within a relatively short period. Work hardening of the sheet metal can also cause cracking or splitting.

Water Throughput 3/5

We have observed some over-shooting in heavy rains. The efficiency of the screen is somewhat limited. This is not limited to inside corners, but occurs on straight lengths, also.

Durability 2/5

MasterShield is relatively weak due to the thin aluminum sheet metal. It will tend to basket over time. The mesh screens are mechanically assembled and tend to loosen over time.

MasterShield Overall 2.5/5

Ratings from Other Sources

– Updated June 2010

Some quotes from judy’s book:

” Does do what it says, [your] gutters will never have to be cleaned again, Why? Nothing goes in not even water in heavy [rain] or when it snows. Screens freeze in winter causing water to flow off.”

” Had this product installed 5 years ago. During the winter,it creates an ice buildup causing ice cicles to form. This then drips onto plantings porches walks etc. causing a Very slippery,dangerous situation. Called the co. several times, they could not fix it. Would not refund my money and not longer will return my calls. STAY AWAY from this product!!! “

“I would never recommend Mastershield. They do not stand behind their product or installation and the lifetime warranty is a joke. Water flows over the gutters not into them and the ice in the winter is terrible because of this! The other poster is absolutely correct. It is dangerous.”

We currently do not have NCR verified installers/dealers for the MasterShield product.

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MasterShield Gutter Protection, LLC
224 Hamilton Rd
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

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