Valor Gutter Guard

Manufacturer: AHP, Inc. , dba Valor Gutter Guards Gutter Size Compatibility: 3.5″ to 10″
Material: 3 Types: Copper, Painted & Galvanized Steel, Mill Finish Aluminum Fits Roof Types: ALL
Style/Type: Micro Mesh Certified Dealer Network: Yes
Installation: Pro Install & DIY Warranty: Yes
Winter Weather Version: Yes Made in: 100% USA

Valor Gutter Guard was founded in 2013; they have come up with a clever design and manufacture 100% of their gutter guards in the U.S., California specifically. The guards are extraordinary well-made and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that they are price competitive with many of the foreign made micro-mesh counterparts. We have tested the product multiple times alongside competitors and thus far, they have stood up to every test.



Water Flow Overview


Strength Test


Water Flow in Corner 2


Water Flow in Corner Close Up


Valor Guard Water Flow


Valor Guard Water Flow Close Up



Valor Gutter Guard Ratings & Reviews from our Testing:


Value 4.5/5
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We have found that Valor sets a new bar for price in the micro mesh category with the total cost of install being the lowest among the micro mesh category.

Protection Coefficient 5/5
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Our testing revealed that the Valor Gutter Guard system has a similar type of mesh as the Gutter Dome guard (holes per inch), which in all of our previous testing has demonstrated that this is the optimal micro-mesh design. One huge benefit of the Valor system over Gutterdome system is the lack of the dome shape because the dome shape has shown that debris can pile up before the midway point in the GutterDome screen. The Valor system does not catch and pile up debris and therefore does not have this issue. Moreover, with Valor’s inside miter the inside corners have all issues of overflow (even at very high rates of rain) are completely resolved.

Industry Reputation 5/5
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Valor is a relatively new company (2013) and is still establishing its reputation, while all things are good at this point we will monitor and update as time goes by. Please let us know if you have any comments on this topic.

Strength 5/5
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Valor Gutter Guards easily withstood the force of an 8lb weight landing directly on the guard and it did not affect the performance of the gutter guard

Water Throughput 5/5
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Valor Gutter Guards are exceptional for water throughput, and represent an enormous leap forward in gutter products with the raised S design and addressing the inside corners where debris buildup and overflow are always a gutter guard challenge.

Durability 5/5
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Valor Gutter Guards are sturdy and well designed. It is clear that this product is of High Quality and is not made with any manufacturing shortcuts and it will stand the test of time.



Valor Overall Rating




We are enthusiastic about Valor Gutter Guard entering the market with such a unique and durable product. The company is fantastic, the product is strong and well designed, the idea of addressing the corners and debris buildup is excellent. Overall, this company is a 5/5 because they have elevated nearly all our standards by simply entering the market.


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Although our primarily mission is and remains to provide the best reviews and reporting for gutter covers, we realize that a gutter cover – no matter how perfectly engineered, works only as good as it is installed..

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FAQ about NCR Verified Installers

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  1. Tom  November 10, 2017

    Tried contacting you before with no luck. I feel we have been Wrongfully removed from the dealer list. mistakes may happen but when you don’t even attempt to rectify it starts looking deliberate. We are based out of Charlotte NC and have expanded our area to include multiple states. you took us out of our home town and threw us up in Michigan and put another dealer that don’t service this area and actually cant. All this happened after you rated both Master Shield and Valor #1 now master shield don’t rate 5 stars across the board the have less reputation and less water throughout not sure how both are rated #1 when one has a better rating. can you answer that ? plus the last review you had Master shield #6 right in front of Leaf Filter. they haven’t changed anything and neither has Valor seems strange now don’t it? how did Master shield jump so high without changing the product? We Try so hard to to be an honest hard working family owed company. We use to get calls when people would look at NCR not anymore because you took us off for no reason. I’m wondering if its because you lost a lot of credibility i’m sure I’m not the only one that has seen the jump. i suppose you really don’t owe me anything but a respectable business man wouldn’t mind answering these question. leaf blaster ,Gutter glove and Gutter Dome ranked higher than Master Shield what has changed? maybe you can answer these questions for all of us to understand the testing changes in a year.

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  3. Thomas Tusing  June 5, 2017

    I can answer just about any questions you may have. I’m a Valor Gutter Guard dealer on the east coast. www.

    • Len Fasullo  July 10, 2017

      What is the water rate used for testing and how does this compare with actual mmaximum downpours?

  4. RPRICHARD  May 30, 2017


    • Thomas Tusing  June 27, 2017

      If you haven’t found anyone in NJ let me know.
      704-681-2429 I might be able to help you out.

  5. jual pulsa murah  May 29, 2017

    Hey there! Would yoou mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?There’s a lot off people that I think would really enjoy your content.
    Please let me know. Cheers

  6. HEATHER MOORE  May 22, 2017

    How can I get an estimate?

  7. Don  April 23, 2017

    Interested in your gutter covers. Lik to qualify and your product fits my application Can you give me mor information? I will be installing both gutters and covers. Application is for an old house, steep roof. We use drip edge on our way oops as we are in northern NY. I have to assume you do not have any dealers up here.

  8. Dwight  December 26, 2016

    What is the cost?
    R they easy to install?

    • Tom  March 19, 2017

      They are not difficult to install, you must check position of gutter. You would be surprised how often the actually pitch and height is not correct. We install Valor as happy as we are with Valor we decided not to even offer an alternative. The complaints are so few and even if water rolls over the system it’s usually a simple adjustment. The design of Valor is adjustable haven’t seen any others thats possible to adjust the actual product. Not sure who area you are in but I think the corporate office will sell to home owners if no dealer is in the area.

  9. don perrigo  November 24, 2016

    I am in shawnee ks,66203,ph XXX XXX XXXX – Phone Number removed by NCR staff

    • John Eberhard  November 28, 2016

      Did you do it yourself or have someone do it. Hoe expensive is it?

    • Brenna  July 21, 2017

      Hi Don, I am in Lenexa,KS. Did you find someone to install Valor gutters? Would you recommend? Thanks!


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