GutterMagic, GutterGuardian, Clearwater , TruGuard

This review is currently being revised

We are in the process of revising this review. GutterMagic, GutterGuardian, ClearWater and TruGuard are made by Quality Edge Inc. – The Company has written us a few letters stating that the products are very different from each-other (we assume in performance and structure). Although at the time we wrote the review the information seemed to be relevant we would like to take the time to revisit Quality Edge’s product offerings and do a more thorough review that you have come to expect from us.

We are now in the process of reviewing GutterMagic, GutterGuardian, ClearWater and TruGuard as separate products to see what (if any) differences are present in product performance and durability. We will get back to you as soon as we have updates – as always, we thank you for taking the time to read our page.

Price w/ Installation (5.0/5.0)

Price is heavily dependent on the comissioned sales representative. The “one call close” is almost always attempted.
Effective Protection Coefficient (2/5)

All are relatively poor due to the lack of surface tension effectiveness in low velocity rains. Debris is dragged into the gutter.
Industry Reputation (2/5)

Poor industry reputation due to complaints, price, product ineffectiveness and pressure selling tactics.
Strength (2/5)

Tree limbs will bend or damage panels. During the heat of the summer the brackets are prone to fail and panels have been known to become detached from the gutter.
Water Throughput (2/5)

In heavy rains, over-shooting will occur. There is no way that surface tension can roll the water in the open slot. Likewise, mild to weak rains will cause debris to be dragged into the gutter causing clogging and plants to grow in the gutter. If you have that perfect volume of rain, always demonstrated by the sales representative, the system appears fine.
Durability (2/5)

These system’s sheet metal construction are rather flimsy and will be blown off gutters in heat and high winds.
Overall (2.0/5.0)


We currently do not have NCR verified installers/dealers for the GutterGuardian product.
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