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Price w/ Installation (3/5)

Price is dependent on the commissioned sales representative.

Effective Protection Coefficient (2/5)

LeafGuard is relatively poor due to the lack of surface tension effectiveness in low velocity rains.  Debris is dragged into the gutter.

Industry Reputation (1/5)

This product was developed over 35 years ago by a seamless gutter machine company and was re-invented by another seamless gutter machine company as K-Guard and also Gutter Guard.  The configurations are similar in that they both are complete gutter/gutter protection systems and use the reverse curve technology that was patented in 1908 by George Cassens. Newer technologies have developed replacing reverse curve.

Strength (4/5)

The strength of this system is fairly decent compared to thin sheet metal systems, but to clean the system one must either pull down the bottom half and bend back or lift the top and bend back.

Water Throughput (2/5)

In heavy rains, over-shooting will occur.  There is no way that surface tension can roll the water in the open slot.  Likewise, mild to weak rains will cause debris to be dragged into the gutter causing clogging and plants to grow in the gutter.  If you have that perfect volume of rain, always demonstrated by the sales representative, the system appears fine.

Durability (3/5)

Leafguard is fairly durable.  It is about the same thickness as a typical K-Style gutter…. 0.27” or 0.32”.

Overall (2.0/5.0)

Ratings from Other Sources

- Updated June 2010

26 complaints

Some quotes from PissedConsumer:

” … Leafguard – whatta joke! First they send a slick dude over to my grandmas house ( she is 94) & they scare her into buying $ 9000 of gutters! She is on social security – $590 a month. They put her on a payment plan for $ 200 a month ! Two months later we notice the water is running behind the gutter onto the wood & down the wood siding.. I went outside in the rain & looked inside – it was clogged. ( clog free?) So I bent up the top piece & it broke off !! 54 feet of top that cannot be fixed.We called them & they said buy a new complete piece for $1300. The product has a 1 year warranty and zero breakage warranty …”

“… We have had Leaf Guard gutters for nearly ten years. We have to call them every year to come and clean out the gutters which are clogged with leaves and debris. In addition, this causes huge ice dams on the roof. When the thaw comes, they come crashing down. Anyone standing below them would be killed. They have wiped out all our landscaping on the front of the house. I haven’t even bothered to replace it because when I have, it’s destroyed the following spring. I just have planter boxes that I can move away from the bomb site. … “

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  1. Susan  January 27, 2011

    I read your review of LeafGuard Gutters then saw what you copied from Pissed off Customer. You say you have no affiliation with any gutter protection company yet you are
    GutterGlove. Why do you feel you must deceive people by using a name such as North
    Carolina Review. Why don’t you just say you are Gutter Glove. Oh, and FYI, LeafGuard was tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute and they agreed the gutter would handle up to 21+ inches of rain an hour. Where do you get your info from….purely it is only your
    opinion. I think if you are going to use a name such as what you use rather than identifying
    yourselve as GutterGlove you are only trying to deceive the buying public. Shame on you.
    What are you trying to hide?

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  2. NCR  January 27, 2011


    Thank you for leaving a reply. However we are not affiliated with the gutterglove brand, actually the president called us a few months back threatening us with legal action if we did not change some of the things we wrote about gutterglove.- Well we still have not and will never change our opinion based on threats of legal action – this is still America and we still have the right of freedom of speech – the last time I checked. To be completely honest if we were aware of a product with the same or better performance characteristics as gutterglove we would rate it as such, we really do not much care about gutterglove or appreciate the rudeness that the management have presented to us – although we have not used it as for a rating scale – perhaps we should start – as that would provide our readers some information of company management.

    Moreover although we do reference other sources who rate gutter protection products we never use them for our final opinion of the rating of the product, in fact we had results published for best gutter product years before Consumer Reports and the results that were published by CR are just about the same as ours, so I guess we are doing something correct.

    Susan – I do believe that you work for leaf guard however that remains irrelevant – If you have specific rebuttals to what we think about leaf guard please type it here and we will publish them – we more than welcome your opinion.

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  3. D prescott  February 7, 2011

    to whom it may concern, I cant say who if anyone that your work for, but i certainly have plenty of reasons to “doubt” your research.

    Ok first I have to say I’ve read your entire page, including all of the reviews, and have had all of the brands mentioned, (that are available in my area of Asheville, NC), demonstrrated to me personally. I have to say I disagree with your ratings. As a former product designer and inventor, I dont hold much water to what Consumer reports states in ANY of thier aticles. They are a product and industry driven company that will and does cater to the companies that ask to have thier products reviewd, and those companies that give “a little” more quite often seem to get rave reviews. For instance, I will take what you stated above about “Gutter Glove”. I had a relative have an demonstration of Gutter Glove and in the demonstration the product did not work. I can see easily how the leaves and debris will get hung up on the “flat” surface, and how eventually the water will shoot right off. the sales rep was pushy, Demanded that he sign right then and there an that NO ONE else offered a true lifetime no clogg guarantee, (when in fact they all do – variations of course, but they all do), the exceptions of where the product will NOT work, like high water volume areas such as inside corners, and inline areas where valleys come together above, areas “where and i quote – there are excessive trees and o leaves”. Now wait, arent we considering this prodcut for EXACTLY that reason.

    As far as thier Icebreaker, the heated version, its just a knock off of what Gutter Helmet, and K-Guard have had for years. Ive spoken with LeafGuard and they are coming out with thier version soon as well.

    When I was looking for reasonable research besides my own, i looked at Local contractors, I spoke with previous customers of all thebrands I could, I wrote letters To Good Housekeeping, Extreme Home Makeover, and This Old House. the information i got was resoundingly in favor of ONE breand over the rest.

    Now before YOU push, promote, endorse, (yes even inadvertantly). Make sure that your stating the facts. ALL I can see from your aticle as lengthy and “researched as it states it was”, is that you used a LOT of other sources and compiled thier statements for YOUR research, that my friends is called plageurism.

    I decided on a product after MUCH review, research, time invested and checking out reputable sources where not just anyone is making statements, but certified individuals, whom are with accredited organizations, and or have extensive expertise in the areas of concern for me.

    I chose LeafGuard, because of thier reputation, thier product, their customer service, thier integrity when pointing out flaws in all systems including thier own, price, avaialbility, my needs and desires, the durability of the product which is higher than anything else I saw out there. I chose LeafGuard because of ONE thing most importantly, when I looked on the BACK of thier agreement, there were NO exclusions, No exceptions and NO “legal mumbo jumbo” as to why they would not or could not honor thier warrantee and guarantee.

    I have the prodcut on one home for about 6 years now and just had it put onto my rental homes as well. I am completely happy, and the product has held up and works just as well as the day it was installed. Yes I take the time to do the “maintenance” work required to ensure the product would work as efficiently and effectively as the day it was installed. I was told of this during the presentation, and knew what I needed to do to keep My investment working and functional.

    Although I doubt this reply with get posted, at least I know you will have read it and know that there are some of us out here that are not lemmings and will not just take faulty and flawed individuals at thier words.

    I am with best reguards,
    A very Happy Leaf Guard customer.

    ** Please forgive speling errors I sent this via my I-phone.

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    • Lots of leaves in Michigan  October 5, 2011

      D prescott, are you still happy with your leafguard gutters? I’m considering them and would appreciate your feedback. One thing you mentioned I’m curious about is maintenance. What maintenance do you have to do? Leafguard told me they are maintenance free. I did get a quote from gutter helmet and they told me you have to spray water on the front edge of their system to keep it clean and functioning properly. I would prefer a maintenance free system if there is such a thing. I’m leaning towards leafguard because they are half the cost, rated a little higher by consumer reports, don’t interfere with my shingles and look less noticeable on the house. My neighbor has them and I never noticed until the salesman pointed them out. When I drove by a house with gutter helmet you couldn’t help but notice. Also, gutter helmet told they would have to remove them when I need another roof, thus another cost down the road. Another question I have for you is about ice. Do you have any problems in the winter? I’ve been told I will see an increase in icicles with both systems, but I get a lot of icicles already. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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  4. NCR  June 30, 2011

    D Prescott – you state that you did “intensive” research by calling contractors and asking them…. I would think that contractors would be the worst source of information for products as they are financially incentiveized to “prefer” a product they are selling. I would think you would agree – that to get the best judgement on a particular product, it is best to actually have a sample and evaluate it for yourself….

    Moreover if you had read our entire webpage (perhaps you missed our comments), you would have found that we were threatened with legal actin (on multiple occasions) from GutterGlove, if we did not revise the review about them – and believe me, if we wanted to be the “endorsers” or “promoters” for a product, we would shut down this page (or sell out to adds like Tim Carter) rather than work with gutter glove corporate. Actually what kind of a company threatens legal action when someone says good things about the product they make? (and they do at this time have, in our view the best product on the market – however we are allays looking for new and better products)

    By the way – did you write the letters to Good Housekeeping, Extreme Home Makeover, and This Old House form your iphone as well?

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    • Dee  November 16, 2011

      Why would you make that smart-azz comment about his I phone, that just makes you look very immature and the more you comment on other systems it is very apparent you are one sided with an agenda.

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  5. Dee  August 4, 2011

    Leafguard is full of complaints about ice daming, but I don’t think that is the worse problem, I think the overall design is flawed, No one can guarantee that a gutter system will not get debris inside, when, not is this happens, Leaf Guard has no way to get inside to clean, it is a one piece milled product. They will tell you this adds to the performance, common sense will tell you different.

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    • Kevin Leahy  December 11, 2013

      Dee, You are absolutely correct. No one can guarantee that no debris will get into a covered gutter. That’s why The SpoutOff (www.thespoutoff.com) should be installed with ALL gutter covers. The reason: The critical area in all covered gutters is the outlet. The large SpoutOff outlet with NO LIP around its top virtually ensures any and all debris will flow out of a gutter. But the ability to remove a 1, 2 even 3-story SpoutOff downspout while standing safely down on the ground enables all homeowners to “see into” their covered gutters. No ladder needed, no tools needed. If the outlet in a gutter is clean, water will always flow out of that gutter even if there is debris in the rest of that gutter. Conversely, a gutter could be perfectly clean but if the outlet is clogged water will never flow out of that gutter, never. Properly flowing gutters, covered or not, are all about the oultet… the clean, clear outlet.

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  6. tom rolfe  September 13, 2011

    Gutterguard is a joke. The workmanship was shoddy. Supposedly rotten wood was replaced. Guess what? We just found that they did not do as promised. Also, the system is a gullywasher. That little slot, in a thunderstorm? Now have foundation problems. Requested a refund, or at least a credit. Sorry, buddy, you are literally hosed. Better Business Bureau and State Attorney General office contacted. DO NOT USE Gutterguard. Technology is 35 years old.

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  7. Lots of leaves in Michigan  November 30, 2011

    I had leafguard installed about a month ago and I’m very satisfied. The most surprising thing about them is how loud they are. I’ve never heard water rushing through my gutters the way they do now. I have a very tall, steep roof and there is one valley where a large amount of water flows down the roof. In a heavy downpour, water does shoot over the gutter, but it did with my old gutters too. It doesn’t happen very often so I’m not too concerned about it. The installer said he would make a modification to try to solve the problem, so I’m pretty pleased with their customer service. The installers couldn’t have been more thorough and professional when they installed the system, too. They replaced some rotted wood and covered another area where squirrels had chewed through. Based on my experience, I would recommend leafguard.

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  8. Keith Rosenthal  January 4, 2012

    Leaf Guard in Western Washington State:

    Our Leaf Guard gutters are a year old. We purchased them to replace 22 year old generic gutters that were clogging at the dams we installed at the top of the downspouts (where you are supposed to put the mesh dams). Our need was to upgrade the gutters when we purchased a new roof to lower the maintenance on a very steep, and sometime inaccessible gutters from below. We are no longer willing to walk around on our roof, leaning over the edge cleaning out the gutters. (Many gutter runs cannot be reached by ladder.)

    The short comment is that we have traded clearing the clogs at the downspout dams to CLEANING the ENTIRE gutter run all the way around the house. Our maintenance has increased ten fold. With evergreens and pine around our house, and in our neighborhood, NOTHING runs off our roof over the Leaf Guard gutter. All the pine needles stick to the “waterfall” effect area forming a barrier so that the water bypasses the gutter completely.

    The valleys are filled with debris because the perforated mesh that “channels water” to the open part of the gutter is completely clogged.

    With the old open gutters the TOP of the downspouts would clog, but still allow water to pass. (The clogs were a mess but a twice a year jog to remove.)

    NOW the Leaf Guard Gutters allow the debris to form a bridge over which the water travels ALL ALONG THE GUTTER ALL AROUND OUR HOUSE. While it is true the the down spouts don’t clog. Which was the ONLY true selling point. The Leaf Guard Gutters require MONTHLY maintenance to keep them working properly.

    When we addressed our concern to Leaf Guard (the service manager) she said that is how they worked. I insisted the they send a maintenance vehicle to check them out, which they did. (It took a week.) I spoke to the two service techs who did NOT get on the roof, but assured me that my gutters were working properly as the water flowed over their gutters and splashed up onto the siding of our house.

    The sale is that your down spouts will never clog again. They are telling the truth. The unspoken truth is that your gutters will never perform the purpose for which they were installed: to channel water off the roof and down the spouts to avoid splash and splatter which in turn cases dry rot, seepage, erosion, windows failure, and damage to every exterior surface in proximity to the water falling over the useless Leaf Guard Gutters.

    Please note that I have not mentioned the cost of the product or cost to maintain it. Both are exorbitant.

    So far in the 22 year course of owning our home. This is the WORST product I have purchased. No I would not recommend this product or company.

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  9. click here  June 5, 2012

    The structure for your site is a bit off in Epiphany. Even So I like your website. I may have to install a normal web browser just to enjoy it.

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  10. Chris Vierrether  April 23, 2013


    After doing a little research on the North Carolina Secretary of State’s website, I found that Louis Sauer not owns NC Review which controls this website (this can be found under the Legal Notice & Terms of Use on this website), but he also owns Gutter Glove of North Carolina, LLC and Gutter Dome of North Carolina LLC. Strangely enough, these are the top rated products on this website and are the only products that have NCR verified installers.

    This is all free information that I obtained. Anyone can go out and see this for themselves.

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    • NCR  July 15, 2013


      Louis Sauer and GG-NC do not own us – if they did, would you not think that we would provide at least a link to them ?

      We are owned and managed by NC review, however for all parts of what we do we are completely independent.

      why did you not put up a link to your supposed proof? well the answer is that there is none.

      Do not let your mouth write a check you cannot cash.

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  11. Chris Vierrether  April 23, 2013

    I meant to say, ” Louis Sauer not ONLY owns NC Review which controls this website (this can be found under the Legal Notice & Terms of Use on this website), but he also owns Gutter Glove of North Carolina, LLC and Gutter Dome of North Carolina LLC.

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  12. TINA  May 27, 2013

    Leaf Guard is so full of it. They say that they will send your referral a $50 check automaticly, they do not! They say that their superior (Pat Franks) will call you back, he does not! I will be calling the BBB.

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  13. Nel  June 13, 2013

    I’m in the process of replacing my original gutters. I’m currently replacing the fascia and soffit because of poor run off control. In any event, what if any is the best gutter system available? I live in a dense tree lot. Please advise
    before I go through a crazy expenditure. Should I get a 6″ aluminum gutter system (thickness of 0.032)and clean it out every year,or should I purchase the leafguard system? Please advise

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