Overall Rating:

There is another type of system that incorporates stuffing your gutter with different types of foam, fibers, rubber and acrylics. They are supposed to prevent all debris from entering your gutter. The biggest problem we have found is that roof grit will clog the spongy systems. Tree seed and catkins will actually germinate and grow in these systems even though some claim to use biocides to prevent that from happening. It usually doesn’t happen overnight but two years down the road, watch your “gutter garden” grow.

Pricing was as low as $2.00 a foot plus shipping over the internet and sold at $10-$14.00 a foot installed locally. The cost of installation seemed average for a heavy duty product like Gutterglove, but very high to us to just lay some sponge-like material in a gutter.

What works, What works well and What doesn’t work:

We found these products to be poorest alternative to cleaning your gutters several times a year. In fact, you will have to clean you gutters with this product which involves removing the product and all the accumulated debris it has captured. We think this is more “icky” than cleaning the gutters with a garden hose and by hand.

Not recommended for any application. They are sold at a much lower cost, but they simply don’t do the job long term. This category works no better than the reverse curve and doesn’t hold a candle to the Micro-Mesh category.

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