Cleaning Your Gutters

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Keeping gutters on a house clean and free of debris can be accomplished by cleaning the gutters on a periodic basis or keeping the gutters clean from the beginning and then staying free of debris.

A statement can be made about gutter cleaning – nobody likes or enjoys performing this task. If a person claims to like cleaning their own gutters, ask them to do clean yours and see what kind of response you will get in return. Cleaning gutters can be performed in a variety of methods including spraying out the gutters with a water hose while on the roof, very risky, or with an extender from the ground, a method that is difficult and cannot be observed to guarantee completion of task.

A homeowner can have this job done by hiring someone else to clean the gutters. Hopefully, and it must be emphasized here, hopefully the worker has insurance and with enough coverage to protect the homeowner. If they do have insurance then one must go through the agonizing process every time the gutters need to be cleaned (usually more often than the homeowner actually has this done) of trying repeatedly to coordinate when it will be done and how much it will cost. In most homeowners eyes (after doing it themselves), this is the easiest and cheapest method. First, the only way to 100% guarantee the gutter is completely free of debris, the gutter will need to be visually inspected which again involves the homeowner arduously climbing a ladder and peering into the gutters, dangerous and a waste of time and energy. And then there is the added exposure of possible damage, whether acknowledged or disputed, done to the home.

Having someone else clean your gutters is fraught with obstacles and perils that of which one must be aware or the possible damage may not be visible to the homeowner until the minor, highly preventable problem turns into an expensive and time-consuming nightmare.



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