Clogged Gutters Can Turn Into Mold

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Mold, that funky green and or black gunk that attaches itself to all available surfaces given the right conditions; those conditions are moisture and lack of light.  Mold will invade these areas and continually thrive if allowed the opportunity.  Mold will deteriorate the surface it attaches itself to by incorporating itself within the material of that surface.  Whether that surface is on the ground (driveways, sidewalks, parked cars, furniture and even the ground itself) or on the house (outside and inside walls,  decking, the gutters themselves, soffit, fascia boards and roof rafters, overhangs and ceilings, etc.), they all will acquire mold if not prevented or by continuously cleaning the defiled surface.

Each surface gets invaded by the mold and over time becomes weak through the process of incorporation.  Moisture seeps into these materials and the microscopic (at least in the beginning) particles of mold forms within these materials.  The mold then expands its’ grip on the structure and begins the decomposition phase.

The mold gets into the structure and grows causing the molecules of the structure to shift or move and this over time will cause the seemingly solid material to become weak and possibly even to crack or fracture.

Five warning signs your house has mold

1. Damp Musty Odors
2. Evidence of Water Leaks
3. Family Members Complaining of Not Feeling Well
4. Water Seeping Through Home Foundation
5. Constant Coughing, Dizziness or Flu-Like Symptoms

…” The falling leaves are lovely in the fall, but can fill your gutters quickly. Clogged gutters can be serious problem to your house. One reason for clogged gutters is lack of maintenance to rain gutter systems. Proper maintenance to your gutter systems can prevent major problems for your home due to the accumulated debris. Leakage due to clogged gutters may cause mold inside the house, cracked foundation, and rot wood..” – Ezine’s author: Solomon AK


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