Ground Trenching

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Trenching is just as the meaning of the word implies, rainfall hitting the ground or ground oriented surface, in a concentrated area, usually the straight line of a roof edge, the rain will dig into the ground creating a small trench.  The trenches are usually not visible in the very beginning of the life of a house.  Over time the homeowner discovers that small valleys, lines or trenches appear around the outside edges of the home.

This problem destroys the look and functionality of the yard or landscaping surrounding a house.  Trenching can also lead to erosion problems. We all have chosen to adorn our homes with a pleasant atmosphere and look that satisfies our desires for a comfortable living space.  The yard is the first visual anyone, whether relative, friend or hired help, sees and makes an internal judgment of the household.

If trenching is allowed to continue, it will only become worse by destroying the yard and letting water seep through the ground and eventually into the ground level of a home.

Trenching is a situation that can destroy the look of the home or the homeowner can take steps to prevent this from happening and thereby maintain or even enhance the beauty of the home. The best solution to prevent this from happening is installing  gutters system and keeping it clean.


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