Installing Gutter Protection on a Home?

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Installation of a product to or on a house is equally if not of greater importance than the actual product.  The greatest product in the world is rubbish and becomes an expensive aggravation if not properly installed.

When having a new product installed on your house, it is best to have the actual manufacturer or an authorized dealer install the product to your home.  The professional is familiar with the product, has experience in installing the product, and has the knowledge to relate information to the homeowner.  The greatest device know to humans is worthless without the product actually performing as it is designed to perform.

For a product to perform correctly, it must be installed correctly.  Numerous times throughout recent history, we have all heard or know about a homeowner that spent too much money on the latest and greatest only to find out after an all too brief amount of time has passed that the product does not do what was promised.  Many times this has been caused by improper or haphazard installation conducted by either an inept, unskilled “installer”, or the homeowner (ever watchful to save a few pennies) has installed the product themselves.  When a problem does occur, the homeowner must make the repairs or make arrangements with the installer to have the problem fixed.

First the installer has to still be in business; inevitably the “home repair” person has gone out of business, changed line of work, or simply changed their business name so that they are now no longer liable for the work they performed under the now defunct business.  A common practice, changing “company” names, among smaller independents to limit their own personal liability and maintain a positive cash flow in their direction. An additional problem with this type of repairman is the ability of contact.  After they have completed the so-called job on your home, they have been paid by you and have moved on to their next mark, therefor they will not be making any more income from you. Specifically if they have given you a “lifetime guarantee” that it will work and repairs or adjustments will be performed at no cost to you the homeowner.

Invest in a certified product installed by a professional to the manufacturers’ specifications and you will more than likely be completely satisfied with the outcome and performance for years.




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  1. Simon  April 2, 2014

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  2. devon  July 31, 2013

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  3. Tom Tusing  March 6, 2012

    most products that use certified Installer dont do jobs like you must have done. we are in it for the long haul and stand behind our work. I promise you one thing no homeowner can do a better job than i do on my Installs

  4. Greg Albracht  August 25, 2011

    I understand this article, but there are many DIY people out their that can easily install the NEW Gorilla Gutter Guard. If fact I designed it so it does NOT require a PROFESSIONAL to install it.
    I see many time sin this industry that the DIY person will ACTUALLY do a BETTER Job then most pros out there because its there own home.

    In the over 30 years I have been in the home improvement industry I still see most installations of all types that are done have major faults and improper installation techniques. Just look at the Vinyl siding industry, most vinyl siding installations look wavy because of poor and improper installation.

    Most installers are all about getting in and getting out as fast as they can because they work on a piece work basis.


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