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NC Review has been a trusted source of unbiased consumer reviews.  The Raleigh-based communications and media company is focused on creating, aggregating, and distributing information to a broad range of audiences.

NC Review has a legacy of serving the community and setting the standard for innovation and journalistic excellence.  NC Review envisions making life better in the communities served by connecting and empowering people through local news, reviews, and information.

NC Review is committed to quality, innovation, and veracity. NC Review expects each of their employees to contribute his or her best efforts and energies with high integrity in serving the Company’s viewers, readers, and communities.


NCR’s business model differs from traditional media outlets. Most will typically rely on Sponsorship, Advertisers and Subscriptions. We feel that ultimately, this model is not always the best approach when considering the following:

Sponsorship: When a review is sponsored, the content is typically edited and curated through the view-glass of the Sponsors.

Advertisers: When the content of the review is driven by advertisement, especially in a specific category, all too often the same issues occur as with sponsorship.

Subscribers: When content is driven by sustaining and attaining new subscribers, often the content is curated to maximize subscriptions.

NCR has centered its mission on making our reviews as fair as possible; we have found that the best way to achieve this is to create a community of Readers, Installers and Product Manufacturers – we bring everyone together as such:

Readers: We provide the most comprehensive and transparent testing for the gutter guard industry and broadcast our results here. We collect valuable feedback that we use to publish our research (please comment on our pages or send us a note if you wish to share something).

Manufacturers: We create reports and analysis from feedback of our readers and our testing. We sell the reports to the manufacturers of gutter guard products allowing them to manufacture the best product with best industry practices.

Installers: We have created a network of Installers who have repeatedly provided the best experience for our Readers by excelling at installation and service. The installers are on a one-strike policy with our Readers and lose the application fee paid, providing incentive to complete the job to the Customer’s satisfaction.

We feel this is the best and most fair way we can review a product without selling it or selling out – we are always looking for ways to improve. If you have an idea, please let us know.


“Give readers what they can’t get anywhere else-hometown reviews that award consumers power to make the most informed decisions,” – M. Andrews, News Director

“I am committed to providing our readers with up-to-date, relevant, community-based, user generated reviews in the greater Raleigh area and beyond; we really are the voice of the consumer.” – N. Barton, Deputy Editor

“As an independent, objective, and locally owned company with deep roots in the Southeast, we’re committed and looking forward to serving the community through quality journalism for many years to come.” -A. Oleynik, Editor in Chief