Filtering synthetic mesh or fine mesh to micro mesh metal over plastic, sheet metal or extruded aluminum support frame

These products have two components, the mesh material, and the frame that supports the mesh.  Both components can be found in either metal or plastic.  The quality of screen material varies considerably (technical understanding of metallurgy or plastic polymers is not customary for the average homeowner, but the comparison is between a plastics, 304 stainless steel and 316L surgical grade stainless).  The same is true for the support frame.  Metal will be more durable than plastic, but again, the particular alloys used make a big difference over the long term.  The comparison here is between plastic, aluminum sheet metal and extruded and anodized aluminum.

No prices are given, per foot prices must be quoted based on difficulty of home installation. (Number of stories, miter corner cuts and other factors given). Be sure to qualify a quote to include shipping and or installation by a certified installer.