Manufacturer: GutterDome, Inc. Gutter Size Compatibility: 2″ to 7.5″
Material: Anodized Aluminum & 304 Stainless Steel Fits Roof Types: ALL
Style/Type: Micro Mesh Certified Dealer Network: No
Installation: Pro Install Warranty: 25 year limited
Winter Weather Version: Yes Made in: 100% China

GutterDome, Inc. was launched 2010 in California from two ex-employees of GutterGlove (a competing micromesh cover company) – from our interviews; the split off was due to management differences between everyone involved. The formation of GutterDome was the creation of an organization that focused on a more cost effective product which is 100% made in China.  The products of GutterDome look very similar to that of Gutterglove products.


GutterDome Ratings & Reviews from our Testing:

Value 3/5
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GutterDome is a cost effective system in the micro-mesh category with reported pricing ranging from $16-19 /ft.

Protection Coefficient 2/5
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The Gutter Dome system, with its larger hole size (1,600 holes per square inch) reduces most clogging. Pollen is allowed to penetrate through the mesh while keeping out roof grit, leaves, pine needles and catkins. However, between the dome peak and the shingles, there is a “dome divot” that tends to collect debris over time requiring a relatively frequent brushing in that groove to keep it clean.

Industry Reputation 2/5
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Gutter Dome has had significant success in the last few years but is experiencing some recent turbulence with the debris build up problems related to the “dome divot.” In addition, the business model of this Venture Capital backed company is a competitive cutthroat dealership territory model that tends to force the hands of the dealers and incentivizes them to sell outside designated territories. This has led to some bad blood among the network of installers and dealers which is an overall negative for the customer, the primary responsibility.

Strength 4/5
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Gutter Dome continues to be one of the strongest gutter guards in the industry. Gutter Dome uses a high strength 6063 grade of aluminum and .010” diameter surgical grade stainless steel in a 1,600 hole per square inch engineered mesh which stands up to an 8 lb weight dropped on it at a considerable height.

Water Throughput 3/5
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Gutter Dome engineered a system utilizing a different hole configuration to create a siphoning effect through their mesh. The contour of the extruded aluminum frame (the Dome) acts as an effective slowing mechanism allowing most of a heavy rain downpour to be captured in the first of four large channels. In heavy downpours, particularly when the dome divot is filled, the water tension is not broken by the dome incline and water runs off of the edge of the gutter.

Durability 4/5
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Gutter Dome has proven to be the strongest gutter protection system in the market place today. The screen mesh consisting of surgical grade stainless steel and the extruded/anodized aluminum substrate have gone through exhaustive corrosive test (with nasty things such as sulfuric acid ) with no negative effects.



GutterDome Overall Rating and Review



In our opinion, GutterDome is an okay product if your home only has a small amount of leaves & debris on the roof and experiences only medium rainfall flow. It is reasonably priced for a micro mesh gutter guard.


For over 7 years we have been reviewing gutter guards and publishing the results. From the first days of publishing and reporting on the gutter guard industry we have received requests for referrals or complaints about contractors who install a particular type of gutter cover.

Although our primarily mission is and remains to provide the best reviews and reporting for gutter covers, we realize that a gutter cover – no matter how perfectly engineered, works only as good as it is installed..

Over the years we have tried a number of ways to provide referrals for good contractors and installers while finding ways to warn our readers of the bad ones. After many years of trial and error we have found that the NCR verified program works the best, it provides an incentive for good contractors to stay good and weeds out the bad ones.



  1. Buckthorn  January 16, 2018

    How do these products stand up to roof raking? We rake our roof to help prevent ice dams. I have strong doubts that these products can withstand even a minor beating that you’re inevitably going to get from roof raking.

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