Manufacturer:Gutterglove Gutter Size Compatibility: 4″ to 6″
Material: Anodized Aluminum &Stainless Steel Fits Roof Types: ALL
Style/Type: Micro Mesh Certified Dealer Network: Yes
Installation: Pro Install & DIY Warranty: Yes

Gutterglove was founded around the year 2000 by a tree trimmer named Robert Lenney. The company has seen its share of up and downs- at one point in time it was offered for sale and rumored that part of it sold to a Chinese furniture manufacturer( although this is not officially confirmed as private deals are not published). Gutterglove was arguably the first company to bring forth a reliable gutter cover to the US marketplace, where it kept this lead for nearly a decade – it was featured once on consumer reports ( as a DIY project) and a few other notable news outlets that Gutterglove taunts at every home show and conversation.


Gutterglove Ultra Ratings & Reviews from our Testing:

Value 3/5
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Gutterglove Ultra is slightly less expensive that it’s Gutterglove pro sibling- However with that price offers less of a protection of the gutter.

Protection Coefficient 3/5
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One of the key features of this gutter protection system is its ability to keep particulates out of the gutter and stop clogging of the downspout. Anything 8 microns or larger cannot penetrate the 316 SS micromesh. With the custom made end caps, nothing can get into your gutter to cause clogging. After subjecting the product to accelerated weathering we have found that various organic growth can occur within the mesh – moreover very tiny shingle grit can lodge itself within the mesh causing partial clogging. The Ribbed mesh on the Gutterglove Ultra seems to have little or no effect on the functionality of the guard.

Industry Reputation 4/5
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Differences between established companies and smaller contractors have led to some complaints. Make sure that your contractor has been installing GutterGlove on a regular basis and is well trained and certified.

Strength 3/5
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The strength for the most part was on par with Gutterglove Pro, however we saw that flowing impact onto the ribbed section of the guard Gutterglove ultra’s mesh seems to disengage from the gutter guard frame and more so than the Gutterglove Pro.

Water Throughput 4/5
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Gutterglove Ultra is as good as Gutterglove Pro in water thru-put however clogging can occur on the thin mesh with organic matter, ultra fine shingle grit and various oils (leached from the roof) and sap – the water throughput can be compromised.

Durability 4/5
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GutterGlove is nearly indestructible. It should outlast the home, itself. The combination of extruded and anodized aluminum eliminates any chance of bowing or basketing. The anodization protects against a galvanic reaction between it and stainless steel and/or copper.



Gutterglove Ultra Overall Rating and Review



Gutterglove Ultra is a third choice to Gutterglove Pro for homeowners over our most recommended product: GutterDome

A gutter cover’s performance and function are only as good as the installer that installs it – Due to overwhelming request, we have listed NCR verified dealers and installers; they were recommended by our readers, verified by us and have a one strike policy ( if we receive one complaint they are removed ). We hope that you will find this service useful and always eager to hear about your feedback.



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