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Our Ratings

Price w/ Installation (3/5)

The price tends to fluctuate rather significantly.  Again, it depends on the aggressiveness of the commissioned sales representative.

Effective Protection Coefficient (2/5)

When the screen mesh detaches and hangs out, debris invades.  Biggest problem with this system is detachment of the mesh screens.

Industry Reputation (3/5)

There are an abundance of complaints.  The number one complaint is the screen mesh popping out of the re-cycled plastic frame.  Also, there are complaints of the vendors not responding to customer complaints.

Strength (2/5)

The plastic support of the mesh screen will be attacked by UV rays and buckle or warp.  This adds to the screens coming loose.

Water Throughput (2/5)

These are usually installed in a flat orientation causing debris buildup and over-shooting of rain.  Installation procedures vary drastically from vendor to vendor.

Durability (2/5)

Warping and buckling plastic is the major problem.  This causes the screen mesh to come loose.  Some installers slip the mesh in after the plastic holder is in place.  They then will caulk the screen in place.

Overall (2.0/5.0)

Quality of the product is very much less than the price you pay.  This system does not seem to hold up for more than three years.  Sunlight (UV rays) and debris cause major problems.

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