Overall Rating:

These are made from a slightly flexible PVC plastic substrate, with numerous circular or diamond shaped holes forming a grid for the rainwater to run through. They slide over and fasten to the front lip of the gutter. They easily clog with catkins, pine needles, leaves, roof grit and tree seeds. They are easy to install, are available at home improvement stores, and are inexpensive

(approx $0.50 to $1.00/ft).

Pricing varies on mail order and between stores by as much as 50%

What works, What works well and What doesn’t work:

We found these products to be poor substitutions for Leaf Filter and Master Shield and Gutterglove. They are obviously meant to compete at a much lower cost, but they simply don’t do the job long term. This category works better than the reverse curve categories for keeping debris out of the gutters, but the clog easily and are flimsy.

Not recommended for a sunny climate where they will warp in the heat or northern climates were the ice and snow will collapse them. In our opinion, if you buy these, you will replace them after a year or two with a better product.

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