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Price w/ Installation (3/5)

Price is dependent on the commissioned sales representative.

Effective Protection Coefficient (2/5)

K Guard is relatively poor due to the lack of surface tension effectiveness in low velocity rains.  Debris is dragged into the gutter.

Industry Reputation (3/5)

This product was developed over 35 years ago by a seamless gutter machine company and was re-invented by another seamless gutter machine company as K-Guard and also Gutter Guard.  The configurations are similar in that they both are complete gutter/gutter protection systems and use the reverse curve technology that was patented in 1908 by George Cassens. Newer technologies have developed replacing reverse curve.

Strength (4/5)

The strength of this system is fairly decent compared to thin sheet metal systems, but to clean the system one must either pull down the bottom half and bend back or lift the top and bend back.

Water Throughput (2/5)

In heavy rains, over-shooting will occur.  There is no way that surface tension can roll the water in the open slot.  Likewise, mild to weak rains will cause debris to be dragged into the gutter causing clogging and plants to grow in the gutter.  If you have that perfect volume of rain, always demonstrated by the sales representative, the system appears fine.

Durability (2/5)

K Guard is fairly durable.  With metal  thickness of about …. 0.27”

Overall (2.0/5.0)

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