For over a decade we have been reviewing gutter guards and publishing the results. From the first days of publishing and reporting on the gutter guard industry we have received requests for referrals or complaints about contractors who install a particular type of gutter cover. As we could not get to all the calls and emails we decided to setup a page where we listed gutter guard installers that were recommended and have passed the basic standards that anyone would require ( established business, good reviews from Agies List, BBB ect … ) and an installer that they would actually recommend.

Although our primarily mission is and remains to provide the best reviews and reporting for gutter covers, we realize that a gutter cover – no matter how perfectly engineered, works only as good as it is installed..

Over the years we have tried a number of ways to provide referrals for good contractors and installers while finding ways to warn our readers of the bad ones. After many years of trial and error we have found that the NCR verified program works the best, it provides an incentive for good contractors to stay good and weeds out the bad ones.

When we are referred a contractor/installer by our readers we give the contractor a choice to list here, once they list they on a one strike policy, meaning if they have one unresolved complaint they are gone for good.



How does the NCR Verified Gutter Guard Installer program work?



Step One – “It Begins”

We are either contacted by an interested contractor or are recommended one by our readers.

If you are a contractor who currently installs gutter covers and would like to be considered for NCR verification Click Here.

Step Two – “Paperwork”

The contractor then fills out a detailed questionnaire, verifies professional certification and licensing and then returns everything to us with a processing fee.

Step Three – “The Investigation”

We do a thorough search through sources like the public and private 3rd party data bases, court documents, public files, social media (Angies list, yelp, BBB, City Search, Complainants boards…)

Step Four “Verified”

After successfully completing steps 1-3, we publish the contractor name, contact information on the NCR verified map bellow and on the product review pages.

Step Five – “Huston, If we have a problem?”

If the Contractor does not perform adequately and a dispute arises between the Customer and the Contractor, we will unofficially mediate the problem and if the Contractor is at fault, we will suspend the verification of the Contractor. Please note that we can only do this for the contractors that we have verified.

We think that this is an effective strategy as the Contractor has a direct incentive to make things right as:

  • We have put our reputation on the line and we are an unbiased party in the matter.
  • Our readers are a significant source of customers for our Verified Contractors. Having access to our readers is a privilege for the Contractor and it can be revoked if they do not adhere to the principles of our site and provide service with integrity. So they have a stake in making our readers happy.

This system of NCR verified contractors has worked exceptionally well over the years, so as a reader we hope that you take full advantage of it!


Here is who the NCR Community has verified so far (Valor)



Here is who the NCR Community has verified so far (MasterShield)

Master Shield  Placeholder
Master Shield


Here is who the NCR Community has verified so far (Gutter Dome)

gutterdomeNCR Placeholder
FAQ about NCR Verified Installers

  • Why do you have so few NCR verified installers and contractors?
    What you see is the contractors who have underwent our communities most through review and have not had a single complaint over the years they have been listed here, although we would love to see multiple installers in all the states – the reality is we just have not found any that can meet our community’s standards, if you would like to recommend one, please contact us.
  • What to do if I do not have an installer/contractor in my state?
    You can certainly try your luck at finding one on the search engine, cragslist or the manufacturer’s webpage – however we cannot provide you any assistance if you happen to have a bad experience.

    Alternatively you may want to contact a NCR community verified installer in a nearby state, it may be possible that they may travel to your state and can help supervise the installation or supply you with the product for a guided DIY installation.

  • What if I have an issue with the above installer/contractor?
    If you have an issue with a NCR community verified Installer listed above, please post a comment on that installers/contractors page and contact them with the form we provide on the same page – this will start the resolution process.